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BBC settles in alleged discrimination case

BBC settles in alleged discrimination case

The BBC has settled without admitting liability in a case brought by a former worker who alleged she had been the victim of unfair treatment.

BBC Northern Ireland health correspondent Dot Kirby claimed that she had been subject to discrimination on the grounds of disability, age and sex, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

She lodged her complaints with the Equality Commission (EC).

Ms Kirby suffered from multiple sclerosis - a condition which the NHS says affects approximately 85,000 people in the UK - for the duration of her employment with the BBC.

However, her condition worsened during the final decade of her career.

In a statement, the EC commented: "Dot Kirby submitted claims to the industrial tribunal in May and October 2008, alleging direct disability discrimination, disability related discrimination, victimisation, failure to make reasonable adjustments, sex discrimination and age discrimination."

It added that the BBC denies all her allegations and, without admitting liability, has reached an agreement with its ex-employee.