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Woman injured in car collision gets £2m payout

Woman injured in car collision gets £2m payout

A woman who was knocked over by a car while walking her dog has been awarded a significant amount in compensation.

Pamela Green was in Hampstead Heath, a parkland situated in north-west London which covers an area of 790 acres, when the incident occurred.

The businesswoman, who is in her 70s, suffered pelvic fractures and a brain injury as a result of the impact and was left unable to run her network of property firms, the Telegraph reports.

She accused the driver of the car, 20-year-old Aneil Thawer, of failing to pay sufficient attention as he approached the crossing.

In a new development, the motorist's insurers have agreed to pay Ms Green £2.755 million without accepting liability.

Commenting on the deal, Mr Justice Davis said: "I'm satisfied that the interest of the claimant are served by the terms of this settlement."
He added that, if the claim had been contested during a hearing, Ms Green may have done better or worse.