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Woman claims sex discrimination and unfair dismissal

Woman claims sex discrimination and unfair dismissal

A former recruitment consultant has claimed that she was the victim of sex discrimination, unfair dismissal and discrimination for asserting maternity rights.

Emma Archer made her allegations against her ex-employer Cavendish Maine, which is headquartered in the Clifton area of Bristol, local paper the Evening Post reports.

She says that she lost her job after having two babies in quick succession.

The mother-of-three joined the firm in 2002 and went on maternity leave in January 2005. She then returned on a part-time basis for nine months, before going on maternity leave again.

She claims that, when she returned for the second time, she was told she was being considered for redundancy.

Ms Archer said: "I was singled out for redundancy because I work part-time. There was no other reason."

After challenging the redundancy, she was told her job was safe, but she claims that she was made to feel unwelcome.

She subsequently quit her job, saying she had been treated in a "subversive, unreasonable and discriminatory" way - a claim which Cavendish Maine denies.

During a recent three-day hearing, a panel of employment judges said they had not reached a verdict and required more time to weigh up the evidence.

A ruling in the case is now expected to be made in February.