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Warning to farm owners after release of fatality figures

Warning to farm owners after release of fatality figures
Farm owners have been warned that they operate in one of the most dangerous industries in Britain.

New figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have revealed that the number of fatalities in the agriculture sector reached 39 during 2007-08.

Thus the total number of people who have died while working in the farming industry over the past decade is 455.

Judith Donovan, non-executive HSE board member, stated: "We want to make farmers, their families and their helpers to stop and think how they can be aware of the dangers around them."

The highest number of fatalities was caused by being struck by a vehicle or being involved in an incident where a vehicle was overturned.

Also a large proportion of workers died after being hit by a moving or falling object.

All employers by law should have employers' liability insurance, which can be used to ensure a claimant receives compensation if the company is found to be responsible for death, injury or sickness suffered by an employee as a result of their work.