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Tragic child given maximum compensation payout

Tragic child given maximum compensation payout
A four-year-old girl left blind and brain damaged as a result of injuries inflicted by her father has been awarded the maximum payout of £500,000 in compensation.

At ten weeks old Amy Laycock, of Newcastle, was so violently shaken by her father Davis Charlton that she will require lifelong 24-hour care.

Amy's mother, Emma Laycock, 25, told reporters: "I am just relieved that now I can give Amy an improved quality of life.

"We love her so much and can now feel certain that we can provide for her immediate future."

However, her lawyer claimed the payment should have been at least six times this figure in order to accurately reflect the financial and emotional impact of Amy Laycock's long-term health care needs.

David Charlton, who now has no contact with the family, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent in January 2006 and sentenced to eight years behind bars.

The revised Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme came into effect in the UK on November 3rd, 2008.