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Mother secures £15k after false cancer diagnosis

Mother secures £15k after false cancer diagnosis

A mother-of-two who was wrongly diagnosed with skin cancer has been awarded compensation, it has emerged.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, Katie Andreou saw a consultant at the Princess Alexandra hospital after her GP referred her for an examination of a mole on her leg.

The consultant at the hospital decided to remove the blemish and perform a biopsy on it.

When Ms Andreou returned to have her stitches out, she was informed that the mole was cancerous and was advised to have a further six removed.

The 28-year-old agreed and underwent the operations.

However, when she was at home recovering in September last year, she received a phone call informing her that, in fact, the mole initially said to be cancerous was not.

During a recent out-of-court settlement, Ms Andreou received a payout of £15,000 from the Princess Alexandra hospital NHS Trust, which is based in in Harlow, Essex and serves a population of nearly 258,000.

James Bell, partner at clinical negligence specialists Russell Jones & Walker, said: "False positive cancer results can lead to unnecessary treatment and stress for patients, as was the case with Katie Andreou's treatment.

"Statistics for 2006-07 show there are thousands of errors made in treating patients who had been incorrectly diagnosed and sadly this figure has been growing."