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Worker with Mesothelioma Secures Substantial Payout

Worker with Mesothelioma Secures Substantial Payout

A man who was diagnosed with the asbestos-related cancer Mesothelioma earlier this year has been awarded compensation by his former employers.

Tony Rima's claim against British Rail was settled out of Court and, although the precise terms of the deal have not been disclosed, his payout has been described as substantial.

The 65-year-old worker came into contact with asbestos while working at the British Rail's Swindon branch repairing old carriages.

He said, "I felt extremely angry when I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and I wanted [the company] to take responsibility. I also wanted to ensure my wife still has a reasonable standard of living when I am gone."

Mr Rima also said that he feels as though British Rail has "taken his life away".

Figures cited by Cancer Research UK suggest that there are roughly 2,100 new cases of Mesothelioma diagnosed each year in Britain, with around five times more men developing the condition than women.