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Man to sue hospital over alleged clinical negligence

Man to sue hospital over alleged clinical negligence

A man whose wife lost her life after suffering an asthma attack is suing the hospital that treated her.

According to a report on 24dash, Tracey Ketchen died hours after being admitted to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, which is currently undergoing a three-year redevelopment programme.

An inquest into her death revealed a number of concerns over her treatment.

It is claimed that, after the patient's fingertips turned blue, a nurse called a doctor who never arrived because he had gone off his shift.

Also, Ms Ketchen was not hooked up to a finger monitor, which would have alerted medical staff on the ward that she had stopped breathing.

Additionally, it is suggested that one of two nurses on the ward went on a 90 minute break despite the fact that there was an emergency.

Her husband is now pursuing a claim of clinical negligence, which will be subject to civil proceedings.