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Lecturer wins claim of age discrimination

Lecturer wins claim of age discrimination

A college lecturer has been successful in his claim of age discrimination, it has emerged.

Brian Foster was made redundant from his a position as computer lecturer at Stafford College in August 2006, the Lichfield Mercury reports.

The 59-year-old had been employed as a lecturer for 21 years prior to losing his job.

During a recent hearing, Mr Foster said that he had effectively been dismissed because he had not done any recent business work placements, despite the fact that he had never been asked to do one.

Due to the fact that no one from the computing department had done such a placement, their marks in the redundancy analysis depended solely on their length of service, with more recent staff scoring more highly.

The lecturer claimed that this put older staff at a disadvantage.

After it was judged at the tribunal that Mr Foster had been the victim of age discrimination, the two parties came to a private settlement, the terms of which have not been revealed.

Tribunal Service figures cited recently by the Observer suggested that there was a rise in age discrimination claims from 962 in 2006 to 2,940 last year.