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£180,000 payout for Barnet pensioner dropped in hospital

£180,000 payout for Barnet pensioner dropped in hospital

A pensioner from Barnet has been awarded £180,000 in compensation after sustaining crippling injuries while in hospital, it has been reported.

Harold Shaw, 82, was in Finchley Memorial hospital recovering from a hip replacement operation when he was dropped by a nurse, breaking his new hip and his femur in the process, according to Times Series Newspapers.

The accident left the previously active pensioner unable to walk, a blow which he claimed has left him distraught.

"I used to walk four miles every day," he remarked. "Now I can't get out of a chair. I'm devastated and I want to cry all the time. I used to be such a vibrant guy."

The money will cover Mr Shaw's care costs until July 2009 and Russell Jones and Walker representative claimed that his client would much rather have his health back instead of the compensation.

A spokesperson for Barnet Primary Care Trust - which is one of the largest organisations of its kind in the country, according to its website - apologised "for any stress that may have been caused".