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Former soldier receives £13,750 for lorry job injury

Former soldier receives £13,750 for lorry job injury
A former soldier has received £13,750 in an out-of-court settlement after hurting his shoulder while an employee at a transport firm in Lincolnshire.

Osgodby-based AD Jackson agreed to pay the settlement after 43-year-old Paul Plant, from Glentham, was injured in 2006 when attempting to pull a heavy sheet of tarpaulin over a lorry, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

He was lifted four feet into the air and then fell to the ground when a gust of wind caught the tarpaulin, resulting in the need for surgery some 21 months after the incident.

"There was no instruction on how to shift these sheets and I did not receive any training ... My shoulder will never be the same again and in cold weather it's very painful," Mr Plant said.

Mr Plant, who was a paramedic in the army, no longer works for the company and told the Market Rasen Mail that he was able to partly treat himself after the accident by pushing his dislocated shoulder in again.