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Medical mistake results in payout for woman

Medical mistake results in payout for woman

The victim of a mistake made by medical staff has been awarded an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Sarah Moss went to the Haydock Family Planning Clinic in June 2006 to have a contraceptive implant fitted.

However, the device was inserted incorrectly and, a year later, she discovered she was pregnant.

The 22-year-old had been rushed into hospital suffering from stomach cramps and bleeding.

She then went into labour and subsequently gave birth to a baby girl who was 18 weeks premature.

The girl, who was named Millie, died four-and-a-half hours later.
In a new development, St Helens Primary Care Trust - which has a budget of £430 million - admitted 50 per cent liability in the case.

The amount Ms Moss will receive has not been disclosed.

She said that discovering that her baby was not going to survive was "awful", adding: "It had not really sunk in that I was having a baby and I felt as though I was in a dream."