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Injured worker awarded money by employers

Injured worker awarded money by employers
A worker who suffered an injury while lifting boxes has been awarded an out-of-court settlement it has been revealed.

Yvonne Ibbotson was attempting to move boxes which weighed up to 22kg - a figure which exceeds health and safety guidelines - when she strained a muscle in her shoulder.

The 41-year-old was forced to take two weeks off work and claims to still suffer as a result of the incident, the Sheffield Telegraph reports.

Ms Ibbotson works for electrical equipment provider Domnick Hunter Technologies.

The machinist alleges that the firm did not provide her with the necessary training to engage in such lifting.

In a recent development, the company agreed to a settlement with her of nearly £2,000 to compensate her for her suffering.

She said: "My injuries are still causing me pain and discomfort months after they were originally caused at work. After my experiences I want businesses to do more to protect their employees. My accident was preventable."