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Ex-worker awarded £20k in constructive dismissal case

Ex-worker awarded £20k in constructive dismissal case

A former employee has been awarded £20,000 after an employment tribunal ruled that he had been the victim of unfair dismissal, the Swindon Advertiser reports.

According to the publication, Dave Niblett resigned from his position at Nationwide - which has around 19,000 staff members in the UK - after working for the building society for five years.

He claimed that he was threatened with legal action after attempting to follow company complaints guidelines.

The former senior computer systems developer had been issued a warning after a colleague put in overtime claims for him.

Mr Niblett tried to raise a grievance over the issue but claims he was threatened with having to pay Nationwide's legal fees.

He stated: "They tried to bully me or intimidate me away from raising a perfectly valid grievance."

In awarding the ex-worker the payout, the tribunal ruled that the company had been responsible for a number of breaches of contract.