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Euphemisms 'used to cover up workplace bullying'

Euphemisms 'used to cover up workplace bullying'

Employees in the UK use euphemisms to cover up the fact that they are being bullied at work, it has been suggested.

According to Lyn Witheridge, chief executive of the Andrea Adams Trust, people often dismiss such treatment as part of working life.

She stated: "The mental and psychological torture are recognised as workplace bullying and is emerging as one of the key employment issues of the day. We are all frightened though of raising our heads above the parapet and saying 'I'm being bullied'."

The expert went on to describe bullying in the office as a "brutal form of psychological intimidation", adding that it can lead to complete mental breakdown and even attempted suicides in victims.

According to a study conducted by research and consulting firm Digital Opinion, the most commonly cited effects of bullying were found to be a worry about going to work and a lowering of self-esteem and self-confidence.