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Compensation settlement reached in road accident case

Compensation settlement reached in road accident case
The family of a man who died three years after being hit by a car have agreed to an out-of-court settlement with the insurers of the driver involved.

Tony Gate, a highway worker from the port of Hartlepool - which is situated on the north-east coast of England - was laying out roadworks signs in July 2003 when he was struck by the vehicle.

Due to the brain injuries he sustained, the 52-year-old was forced to live in a care home for nearly three years and died in February 2006.

Although no criminal charges were ever brought against the driver, Mr Gate's family launched a civil action in a bid to secure compensation from her insurers.

Welcoming the recent development, his sister Linda Hughes said: "The entire family are pleased someone has finally accepted responsibility for Tony's accident.

She went on to state: "Tony was never able to tell us what happened on that day and now we feel the final piece of the puzzle has been found."