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Airport worker injured in fall seeks compensation

Airport worker injured in fall seeks compensation
A former security guard at Stansted Airport is seeking compensation from her employers BAA after suffering injuries in a fall at work.

The organisation, which owns a total of seven airports in the UK, has admitted liability in the case but is disputing the amount of money she should receive, the Herts and Essex Observer reports.

In July 2004, Martine Widlake tripped on some steps when the heel of her shoe caught in a loose tread.

The 33-year-old subsequently fell down 15 stairs before landing on the floor with a badly bruised back.

Recently, a high court judge was told that Ms Widlake has been left with a legacy of pain and discomfort as a result of the accident.

She has also had to change her role at the airport, although she has acknowledged that BAA has done all it could to accommodate her after the fall.

The hearing, which is taking place in London, is ongoing.