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Worker awarded £37k over disability discrimination claim

Worker awarded £37k over disability discrimination claim

A man has been awarded over £37,000 after claiming he was the victim of disability discrimination.

Gordon Armstrong was sacked in February last year by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), a non-departmental public body which began work in 2001 and aims to make the UK more skilled and competitive.

He lost his job not long after being signed off sick with depression, Lutterworth Today reports.

A recent tribunal heard how the LSC made its decision to dismiss Ms Armstrong during a meeting which took place in his absence.

He could not attend the event because he was at a family funeral.

The organisation has contested that Mr Armstrong has a disability and said he was sacked for having 24 days sickness absence between November 6th 2007 and February 21st of this year.

However, the tribunal found that the LSC should have dealt with its former worker's depression differently.

It said: "We believe the employer failed to consider the prospect of replacement, probably considerably lower-paid employment for Mr Armstrong."