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Woman seeks payout after losing leg in accident

Woman seeks payout after losing leg in accident
A woman who was forced to have her leg amputated as a result of a road accident is set to launch legal proceedings for compensation, it has emerged.

In February of this year, Emma Woolnough was struck by 86-year-old driver Allan Skoyles while walking along a street in the East Anglian city of Norwich.

He had been attempting to park by a church when he accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, mounting the curb and ploughing into three pedestrians as a result, the Norwich Evening News reports.

Commenting on her ordeal, Ms Woolnough said: "I spent 17 days in hospital and a week after the accident I had my leg amputated.

"I was devastated when they told me I would lose my leg. I would describe it as one of the worst moments of my life."

She also needed plastic surgery on her foot and had to use a wheelchair for four and a half months.

During a recent hearing, Mr Skoyles was given a suspended eight-month jail sentence and a three-year driving ban.