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Woman injured in fall may sue local council

Woman injured in fall may sue local council
A woman may sue her local council following an incident in which she suffered injuries to her legs.

According to a report in the Gloucestershire Echo, Sue Cross is considering seeking compensation as a result of her alleged fall, which occurred in the Market Parade area of Gloucester.

The 54-year-old grandmother says she tripped over a large "lump" in the road and hurt both her legs.

She also claims that she still suffers serious pain a result of the accident.

Ms Cross said: "I tend to look where I'm going when I cross the road. I don't expect to have to look at my feet the whole time.

"My knee still hurts a lot meaning I can't kneel down with my grandchildren."

Meanwhile, Nick Peters, a manager at Gloucestershire Highways - which seeks to improve the safety and condition of local roads - said that the organisation had not yet been contacted by Ms Cross.