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Pothole results in substantial personal injury compensation

Pothole results in substantial personal injury compensation
An organisation has been ordered to pay out a significant sum in compensation as a result of an injury caused by a pothole.

Kyle Bullock was returning to a friend's house after a night out when he broke into a jog before tripping in a dip in the road and falling heavily, hitting his head on another pothole, the Hornsey and Crouch End Journal reports.

The accident happened in July last year in the north London area of Crouch End, which is situated in the borough of Haringey.

Mr Bullock was left reliant on a wheelchair and will never be able to lead a fully independent life.

During a recent hearing, Homes for Haringey, which is responsible for maintaining the road in question for the local authority, admitted most of the responsibility for the accident.

Mr Bullock is now set to be given an initial payment of £75,000, which will rise to at least £1 million once his claim has been "fully quantified".