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Mandatory retirement age "contradictory", expert says

Mandatory retirement age "contradictory", expert says
UK laws which permit employers to force workers to retire at or above the age of 65 without compensation are "completely contradictory", according to an expert.

Commenting on the issue, a spokesperson for charity Age Concern said that the rules clash with the government's stance on asking people to work longer in order to help reduce the country's pension deficit.

She stated: "On the one hand, the government is saying that [it needs] you to work for longer ... and on the other hand its saying it wants employers to be able to say that they don't want to employ you after the age of 65."

The spokesperson added that, in a few years' time, workers will not be able to claim retirement benefits until they are 67 years old.

Recently, an advocate-general at the European Court of Justice rejected Age Concern's claim that forcing people to stop work at or after 65 breaches European Union equality requirements.