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Man wins compensation after workplace accident

Man wins compensation after workplace accident
A man has secured a payout following an incident in which he suffered severe injuries.

Bill Arthur was thrown from the cab of a dumper truck while working on a building site in Leeds in 2004.

The vehicle's front wheel had become stuck in a pothole, the Shields Gazette reports.

As a result of the accident, the 63-year-old dislocated his elbow, wrist and shoulder.

He still has problems using his left arm and has developed post-traumatic stress disorder, which is said to affect around five per cent of men and ten per cent of women at some stage in their lives, according to statistics cited by the NHS.

Recently, it was ruled that his former employer Clancy Docwra had failed to make the site where Mr Arthur was working safe for vehicles.

In addition, the seatbelt in his truck was found to have been defective.

As a result, Mr Arthur was awarded an undisclosed sum in compensation.