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Estate owner secures £25k in libel victory

Estate owner secures £25k in libel victory

An estate owner from the south coast county of Hampshire has won libel damages of £25,000, it has emerged.

According to reports in the Press Gazette, Henry Marriott was successful in his legal case against the Associated Newspapers over claims made in the Daily Mail.

The newspaper had published a story with the headline: "Millionaire cuts off his villagers' water (but he'll sell them a barrelful for £250)."

Mr Marriot's legal team argued that the Tangley Water, for which he and his wife are principals, was in fact making a significant loss rather than a profit as was suggested in the article.

They also said that Mr Marriot did not make an offer to villagers to sell a barrelful of water for £250.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail's solicitor said that the publisher accepted that the story and the mistakes contained within it gave a false impression of the Marriott's behaviour.

Established in 1905, Associated Newspapers is the management company for a number of publications, including the London Metro and the Evening Standard.

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