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Employee gets £300k payout after suffering injury at work

Employee gets £300k payout after suffering injury at work
A man who suffered damage to his back after a workplace accident has secured compensation of more than £300,000, it has been revealed.

According to a report in Rye and Battle Today, Christopher Ivan Ellis was removing a protective shutter from a heavy piece of machinery when it was caught by a gust of wind, causing him to fall eight feet to the ground.

He went on to suffer from back problems as a result of the incident.

The 40-year-old was working as a plant driver for the Environment Agency - which serves to protect and improve the environment in England and Wales - when the accident occurred.

Two years later, his injury caused his back to give way as he was walking down the stairs in his home.

Mr Ellis suffered a complete rupture of his anterior cruciate ligament and has been forced to give up hobbies including sports and DIY.

In a recent development, an appeal by the Environment Agency has been refused by judges and the organisation has been ordered to issue compensation.