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Cerebral palsy sufferer awarded £1.7m payout

Cerebral palsy sufferer awarded £1.7m payout

A boy who was left with cerebral palsy as a result of being starved of oxygen at birth has been awarded a payout of over £1.7 million.

Jaskirat Sangha was delivered at London's Greenwich Hospital more than eight years ago, the Essex Echo reports.

As a result of the injuries he suffered, he is now wheelchair-bound and has the mental age of a 12-month-old baby.

During a recent hearing, it was ruled that Jaskirat will receive annual payments ranging between £65,000 and £195,000 in addition to his lump sum in order to help pay for his care needs for the rest of his life.

Speaking after the verdict was given, his mother, Ravinder, said: "It's such a relief."

Thought to affect around one in every 500 children, cerebral palsy is a general term used by medics to refer to a set of conditions that impact on the brain and nervous system.