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Tribunal for NHS trust accused of race discrimination

Tribunal for NHS trust accused of race discrimination

North Cumbria Univeristy Hospitals Trust will face an employment tribunal amid allegations of racial discrimination and unfair dismissal from one of its former employees, it has been reported.

Dr Sarina Saiger claims she was harassed and victimised on grounds of race while working for the trust, according to

She has also alleged that she was dismissed from the job unfairly.

In a statement, the trust said: "North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS refutes every single claim in this action and will maintain that it has done nothing wrong."

Dr Saigar worked for the trust for just under three years until May 2008.

It is thought that the tribunal could take as long as six weeks before a decision is reached.

In other news related to discrimination in the workplace, DPA reported on a new study from the Economic and Social Research Institute that showed that immigrants in Ireland are far more likely to report cases of discrimination than Irish citizens.