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Industrial deafness sufferer wins £4.5k in compensation

Industrial deafness sufferer wins £4.5k in compensation

A man who developed industrial deafness as a result of his employment has been awarded compensation of £4,500.

Adrian Marr suffered damage to his ears while operating as a sheet metal worker for a company named E Marsden Fabrications - which is no longer in business - between 1980 and 1990.

The 44-year-old claims that during his time with the company, he was not provided with any hearing protection despite the loud noises he was exposed to, Yorkshire publication the Star reports.

He commented: "I am now left with deafness in both ears and hope that through taking this legal action other companies are warned about the dangers of noise in the workplace and ensure other workers are protected from the long-term effects of hearing damage."

Mr Marr added that along with his colleagues, he had just accepted the working conditions as no one wanted to be viewed as someone who complained.

Among the noise-related hearing conditions suffered by workers are acoustic trauma and tinnitus, as well as temporary and permanent hearing loss.