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Girl injured in self-defence class secures compensation

Girl injured in self-defence class secures compensation
A girl who suffered injuries after an accident in a self-defence class at school has been awarded an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Tanya Malone, who was taking part in the session at St Catherine's Catholic School - which is situated in the south-east London area of Bexleyheath - had to go to hospital on a spinal board after a demonstration went wrong.

She was being shown how to escape a headlock when the instructor of the class lost her footing and fell on top of her, Kent News reports.

"When it happened I really panicked as I couldn't breathe," Ms Malone stated.

She added: "I went to the hospital in an ambulance and the pain was so bad I thought I might be injured permanently."

The teenager, who claims her studies were badly affected as a result of the medical appointments she had to attend following the accident, was awarded her payout in an out-of-court settlement.