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Ex-police officer wins compensation payout

Ex-police officer wins compensation payout
A former police officer has won a court battle for compensation that spanned seven years, the Scotsman reported.

George Smillie, now aged 51, was injured while playing football when he was on a training course in 1981.

He claimed to be an active sportsman at the time and was participating in physical training and playing football when he began to experience knee pains.

According to Mr Smillie, his injuries were sustained in the line of duty and eventually forced him to take an early retirement.

In August, a board of medical referees asserted that Mr Smillie's back pain was the result of injuries he sustained as part of his duties on the police force - he argued that as the football training was "not optional", it counted as a police duty.

The newspaper reported that Mr Smillie will likely receive a lump sum payment of up to £10,000, followed by further annual payments of £10,000 to his pension, backdated to his retirement in 2001.