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Equity partner claims age discrimination and harassment

Equity partner claims age discrimination and harassment

An equity partner at a European law firm has accused his employers of age discrimination and harassment.

According to a report in the Lawyer, John Olsen has lodged a claim with the London Central Employment Tribunal against Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) after calling for the dismissal of fellow worker Mark Abell, who he says marginalised him because of his age and sought to take away his clients.

The 60-year-old, who joined the firm in 1999 and claims to have taken with him a book of business worth £2 million - which he has grown to £5 million - says that Mr Abell screamed at him during a meeting and called him "pig ignorant" 17 times.

He has also made a complaint about questions raised over an expenses form he submitted for a client meeting in Switzerland.

The date of the hearing is not yet known and representatives for both Mr Olsen and FFW - a firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg, London and Paris - declined to comment on the case.