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Employee secures £30k payout in unfair dismissal case

Employee secures £30k payout in unfair dismissal case

A worker who took his former employer to tribunal over alleged unfair dismissal has secured compensation of £30,000, it has been revealed.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, funeral director Scott Ralston lost his job for "speeding" at six miles per hour.

The father of two had been working for Cooperative Funeral Care - a firm which claims to have more than 600 funeral homes across the country - for 16 years prior to his dismissal.

His bosses claimed that, in October last year, he left the company's garage in a hearse loaded with four sets of remains, used the vehicle's horn, let the tyres squeal and drove too fast.

This, they said, showed a lack of respect for the dead.

However, a recent employment tribunal in Glasgow found that it was not unusual for employees to drive faster than five miles per hour.

In addition, the garage had signs at the exits and entrances warning drivers to use their horns.