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Workers 'worried for health' after asbestos scare

Workers 'worried for health' after asbestos scare

Workers in North Acton are worried for their health because of sheets of asbestos left in an industrial estate.

The Ealing Times reported that rat-infested debris dumped in the Park Royal Industrial Estate on Sunbeam Road has been there for weeks.

Although people from the area have complained about the mess, particularly about asbestos sheets which have started to break up, Ealing council has stated it is not responsible to clean up the privately-owned street.

"The asbestos is really worrying as that can cause some really deadly diseases and I know that if I get ill from it I will find out who is responsible and sue," said 54-year-old Angela Clark, who works for a nearby car bodyshop.

She added that the asbestos "scares the life out of us", asserting that she felt she should not have to worry about her health when she came to work.

Last month, the Guardian reported that a consultation has been launched into whether people suffering from pleural plaques - which can be an effect of asbestos exposure - could qualify for a £5,000 "no-fault" compensation payout.