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Women and older workers 'facing discrimination'

Women and older workers 'facing discrimination'

As the credit crunch continues to affect the UK, both women and older employees are being disproportionally targeted for redundancies, it has been suggested.

According to figures produced by the Office for National Statistics and cited by, the number of people between 50 and the state pension age in employment has fallen by 9,000, while the number of women in work has dropped by 8,000.

This is said to compare with a reduction in male employees of just 1,000.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Ball, chief executive of the Age and Employment Network, said: "Even though the age regulations mean that using an individual's age as the basis for selection for redundancy is likely to be unlawful, it is the way that many employers have traditionally ... cut staff numbers."

Recently, Mr Ball suggested that some workers may be failing to take advantage of age discrimination laws due to a lack of knowledge concerning their rights.