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Whistleblower secures compensation at employment tribunal

Whistleblower secures compensation at employment tribunal

A finance officer who was sacked after he spoke out about his boss' fraudulent activity has been awarded compensation of £40,000.

During a recent employment tribunal, it was ruled that Aeron Jones had been unfairly dismissed from his position at Cymad Cyf - an enterprise agency based in the north Wales coastal town of Porthmadog.

The company fired him after he blew the whistle on his manager, Elwyn Vaughan, who he had spotted signing cheques fraudulently, the Daily Post reports.

He was suspended from his position in January 2006 and lost his job six months later for alleged gross misconduct.

According to the 41-year-old, being sacked from Cymad Cyf caused him serious money problems.

Commenting on his legal victory, Mr Jones said: "I wish to thank family and friends who have supported me emotionally and financially for nearly three years in the fight for justice."

Arpita Dutt, partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Following on from some of our recent successes in high profile whistleblowing cases, this is another important victory for whistleblowers.

"Exposing wrongdoing and illegal conduct is fraught with difficulty for most employees. Being stonewalled ultimately leading to dismissal is a common experience we find in dealing with such cases."