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Lecturer wins payout in libel case

Lecturer wins payout in libel case

A university lecturer has secured a payout of £10,000 in a libel case, it has been revealed.

Tom McMaster, who was employed by Salford University, was wrongly accused of submitting a false expenses claim of £180, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The business lecturer had asked permission to travel to the Irish coastal city of Galway by sailing boat and had requested the money for fuel and costs.

However, when he submitted the expenses claim it was rejected and when he questioned the decision, an email was sent to him by finance director Ray Corner alleging the claim was false.

The correspondence was also sent to four of his colleagues.

Mr McMaster instructed his lawyers to write to Mr Corner demanding an apology but the finance boss repeated the original allegations.

After going to the high court over the issue, he has received damages in a settlement with the university.

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