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Ex-headteacher takes case to employment tribunal for unfair dismissal

Ex-headteacher takes case to employment tribunal for unfair dismissal

A former headteacher of a school in Plymouth is taking her case for unfair dismissal to an employment tribunal, the Herald has reported.

Diane Hill, formerly the headteacher of Devonport High School for Girls, was dismissed following allegations of perceived rude comments she had made to fellow staff, council officers and governors.

"Unacceptable behaviour" and a "breakdown of relations" with governors and staff were cited as the primary reasons for her dismissal.

At a previous disciplinary hearing, Ms Hill was supported by five other headteachers who gave evidence to support her.

Ed Balls, secretary of state for education, has asked school governors, the local education authority and Plymouth city council to explain their decision to dismiss Ms Hill by the end of the month.

"She will push for reinstatement but if that is not possible she will clear her name," a friend of Ms Hill stated. "She was made ill at the time of her suspension by the stress of all this."

The employment tribunal will take place "in due course", according to the Association of School and College Leaders.

The association currently has 14,000 members, including deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers and college principals.