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Bus accident victim secures substantial payout

Bus accident victim secures substantial payout
A man who was struck by a reversing bus has been awarded compensation of £365,000 in an out-of-court settlement with Islington borough council, it has been revealed.

John Lewis suffered crush injuries when he became trapped between the bus and another vehicle in June 2004.

The 32-year-old was forced to spend three weeks in traction after sustaining multiple fractures to his hip, 24dash reports.

According to a spokeswoman for his legal team, his condition has deteriorated and he has developed osteoarthritis - a condition which affects the joints.

As a result, he will require a hip replacement.

Commenting on his ordeal, Mr Lewis said: "The incident has had a critical impact on my life. I lost my job, my active lifestyle and my relationship. The physical and psychological damages have been devastating and it's been difficult getting my life back on track."

He now works for the British Red Cross as an advisor on health and safety issues.