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Trainee manager wins sex discrimination case

Trainee manager wins sex discrimination case

A trainee manger who lost her job a month after informing her bosses she was pregnant has won her claim of sex discrimination.

Sarah Tanner was sacked by Next - a retail chain with more than 480 stores in the UK and Ireland - in September last year.

The 24-year-old lost her baby ten days after her dismissal and attributed the miscarriage to the stress of being made redundant.

Ms Tanner claimed that her managers changed their attitude towards her after she told them she was expecting a child.

She said that she had been told she was doing well in her role and had been put on a discretionary bonus scheme to reward her performance prior to announcing she was pregnant.

However, after this point she was returned to her probationary period, despite the fact this had already expired.

During a recent employment tribunal, Ms Tanner was awarded £19,044 for unlawful dismissal and sex discrimination.