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NHS trust pay out in clinical negligence case

NHS trust pay out in clinical negligence case

An NHS trust has agreed to pay a family £5.5 million in compensation after it admitted liability in a clinical negligence claim.

The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust - which is responsible for the running of three hospitals, as well as a number of satellite clinics - came to the agreement during a hearing at the high court in London.

It concerns the case of a boy who was starved of oxygen at birth and developed cerebral palsy as a result, the Oxford Mail reports.

Luke Parsonscorr was born at the hospital but suffered permanent brain damage after staff failed to regularly test oxygen levels in his blood or act on the results.

In addition, there was a 49 minute delay in his delivery after an abnormal heart rate was discovered.

Now 12 years old, Luke is dependent on a wheelchair and has limited speech.