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Female manager wins sex discrimination claim

Female manager wins sex discrimination claim

A former payroll manager from Scotland has won her claim of sex discrimination, it has been revealed.

Louise Vickers alleged that Tullis Russell - a firm that specialises in papermaking - treated her unfairly following the birth of her third child.

The 36-year-old said she was visited by officials from the company at her home and was informed she was at risk of redundancy, the Glasgow Daily Record reports.

She was then sacked three months later and replaced by a trainee.

Prior to taking maternity leave, however, bosses had praised her work and had raised her salary by more than 33 per cent over a five-year period.

During a recent employment tribunal, Ms Vickers was awarded a payout of over £22,000.

She stated: "No woman should have to go through this. I was trying to establish breastfeeding at the time and I was very worried that the stress would impact on my health and the health of my new baby."