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'Everyone should ensure they make a will'

'Everyone should ensure they make a will'

Everyone should ensure that they have a will drawn up in order to avoid potential disputes, it has been suggested.

According to Kevin Morgan, managing director of Consilium Financial Planning, a significant number of consumers are lacking such documents.

He said: "A good start would be to ensure everyone had one. There are still far too many intestacy cases."

The intestacy laws in England and Wales state that, when someone dies without having prepared a will, their spouse or civil partner will receive up to the statutory legacy of £125,000 from their late partner's estate.

Mr Morgan also recommended that wills should be reviewed every five years or when an important life event, such as a divorce, occurs.

Meanwhile, Helen Foster, head of wills and legacies at Help the Aged, recently advised people looking to draw up a will to seek the help of an expert, such as bank officer or a solicitor who specialises in probate work.