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Employee receives payout after suffering burns

Employee receives payout after suffering burns
A worker has been awarded compensation of £2,000 after he suffered serious burns in a workplace accident, it has been revealed.

Foundry manager Gordon Fowkes required a number of skin grafts as a result of the incident, which occurred in August 2007.

The 62-year-old had been attempting to remove a mould plug during a routine casting operation when he was hit by a blowback of molten metal, which came into contact with his hands and arms.

As a result of the injuries sustained by Mr Fowkes, his employers were prosecuted during a recent hearing at Leicester magistrates' court.

Harrison Castings - a producer of aluminium castings that was founded in 1911 - was fined £5,300 and ordered to pay £2,134 in costs, in addition to the compensation awarded to its worker.

"I hope this will serve as a reminder to employers and to managers who have specific responsibility for protective equipment that the safety of their staff is paramount and they have a duty to ensure the right equipment is provided for the right job," stated inspector Munera Sidat.