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Weetabix fined following workplace accident

Weetabix fined following workplace accident
Cereal company Weetabix has been fined after one of its workers was injured.

The firm, which is based on a 75-acre site in Kettering, Nothamptonshire, was ordered to pay £3,500 as a result of the accident, as well as pay £1,490 in costs.

During a trial at Kettering magistrates' court, the business pleaded guilty to breaching regulation 11 (1) of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Act.

The incident occurred in August 2006 when an employee was trying to clear a rotary value blockage while operating machinery on the Weetabix site.

He was exposed to moving parts of the device and caught his hand, resulting in the loss of his fingertips.

"This incident has resulted in a worker suffering a significant hand injury which could have been avoided. Weetabix should have ensured that machinery was adequately guarded," stated Health and Safety Executive inspector Peter Snelgrove.