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Midwife proves successful in clinical negligence case

Midwife proves successful in clinical negligence case

A midwife has been successful in her claim of medical negligence, it has been revealed.

Sarah Collier's son Joel was left with cerebral palsy - a condition which affects movement and coordination - as a result of mistakes made during his birth.

Ms Collier went into labour in January 2002, but after the baby's heart rate dropped significantly, he had to be delivered using forceps.

Tests conducted after Joel was resuscitated revealed that he had been starved of oxygen.

According to the family's legal representative, Joel underwent periods of 28 and 41 minutes of distress that could have been avoided.

Commenting on the case, his father, Nigel Collier, said: "We were not looking for someone to blame - but establishing what circumstances were responsible for what happened to Joel has become increasingly important to us."

Ms Collier has now received an apology and liability admittance from Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.