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Girl in wheelchair wins medical negligence case

Girl in wheelchair wins medical negligence case

An 11-year-old girl who has been left with serious brain injuries has been awarded medical negligence compensation, it has been revealed.

According to reports in the East Anglian Daily Times, lawyers acting for Holly Goodwyn have come to an agreement over the terms of a payout with Ipswich Hospital.

The hospital had previously admitted medical negligence in the case of Holly, who was born in January 1997, after it was claimed that she had not been delivered quickly enough despite signs of distress. She has been left with athetoid cerebral palsy, a condition in which control of the muscles is disrupted by unwanted and spontaneous movements. Holly is reliant on a wheelchair and also suffers from epilepsy.

Commenting on the case, her mother, Lynne Goodwyn, said, "We hoped that lessons would be learned from Holly's birth and that the hospital would look at its practices so that the same errors would not be allowed to happen again."