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Caretaker takes legal action after workplace injury

Caretaker takes legal action after workplace injury
A school caretaker is taking legal action after a workplace injury resulted in him needing treatment in intensive care.

Anthony Gower-Smith, who is 73 years old, fell from a step ladder in January 2004 as he was taking a card display and staples down from a wall, 24dash reports.

The pensioner lost his balance and fell to the floor, suffering a fractured skull and cheek bone, as well as trauma to a kidney.

He alleges that employers Hampshire county council, which serves a population of over a million people, failed to train him in the use of the ladder.

According to Mr Gower-Smith - who is seeking up to £50,000 - he was only told not to stand on the top platform step and not to work at higher than three metres.

The council, meanwhile, says that the device was in perfect condition and was large enough to enable the claimant to reach all parts of the display without having to stretch.