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Press officer wins employment tribunal over unfair dismissal

Press officer wins employment tribunal over unfair dismissal

A press officer has been successful in her claim of unfair dismissal.

Jennifer Walley, who worked as a senior communications manager at Manchester Airport's press office, was sacked in September 2006 over alleged gross misconduct.

She had been suspended from her position several months earlier after she submitted alternative proposals to planned restructuring.

When her suspension was reported in the two local newspapers, her bosses claimed that Ms Walley was the source for the articles. This claim was not upheld.

A tribunal has now ruled that she was unfairly dismissed and has ordered Manchester Airport to pay her £13,577 in compensation, plus £8,000 in damages and a basic award of £4,200.

In other employment law news, John Taylor, chief executive of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, recently stated that a new code of practice could result in tribunals being able to adjust awards by up to 25 per cent.