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New deal extends employment rights of agency workers

New deal extends employment rights of agency workers

A new deal over the rights of agency workers in the UK has been announced by the government.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was announced yesterday (May 20th), such workers will be given equal rights with permanent staff concerning pay after having worked at an organisation for 12 weeks.

The new legislation will also provide agency workers with the right to equal treatment on overtime arrangements and holiday entitlement, although sick pay and pensions are excluded.

Commenting on the deal, business secretary John Hutton said: "This is the right deal for Britain. Today's agreement achieves our twin objectives of flexibility for British employers and fairness for workers."

It is thought that the agreement will bring around 1.4 million agency staff on to equal terms with permanent workers over pay and holiday entitlement.
Meanwhile, the Confederation of British Industry welcomed the government's proposal, describing it as the "least worst" outcome for firms in the UK.