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Former council worker wins unfair dismissal claim

Former council worker wins unfair dismissal claim

An ex-council official has been successful in his claim of unfair dismissal, the Journal reports.

Nigel Fisher, who had worked in local government for 37 years, was sacked by Wansbeck district council for gross misconduct after it was alleged that he had bullied and harassed a female member of staff who worked in his department.

The former town hall officer claims that his dismissal followed a number of years in which members of senior management at the council had held a biased and negative attitude towards him.

In a new development, an employment tribunal has ruled that Mr Fisher was unfairly dismissed and that the council - which is situated in south-east Northumberland - failed to justify its conclusion that his behaviour amounted to harassment and bullying.

Following the verdict, he said: "I did this to clear my name and I have been successful in that. To be labelled after 37 years in local government as someone who bullies and harasses staff was ridiculous."

Meanwhile, the council intends to appeal against the tribunal's decision.